Nr. 1 My University

I do like Sweden a lot. I love the red, nostalgic houses which are staying there surroundet from snow. I love the swedish landscape and the picture I saw fascinated me a lot. One of my favorite writers is from Sweden. I guess you all know, that I mean Astrid Lindgreen. Her books made me forget the whole days because I was so focused on them and the movie of „Michel“ is still in our frame, whereas most of the other movies from my childhood were banned in the cellar. I really like swedish artist like Avicii, Icona Pop, Roxette and Tove Lo.

But I love the most their mindset. It’s so open and social and this is something I really admire and support- but I unfortunately was never there. However I want change this.

I would like to stay in Sweden for a year as a „Free mover“ and visit the „Stockholm University“. For this I’m learning swedish on Babbel and Livemocha (it’s not a covert advertising). When I first wrote Stockholm, I was really surprised in a positive way. They were so friendly and courteous with me, what I never expect of such a big University.

But I have the feeling, that my University is against my plan of being a „Free mover“. Nobody is responsible for this area in our University and I have to ask a lot of persons and nobody helped me till now.

Do I get my year in Stockholm?

In this area of my blog I keep in touch with you about my situation with sweden.

And I’m really sorry for my bad english, hope you can forgive me 🙂



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