Teacher attacks my little brother verbal

Tody my little brother came extremly angry home.

In his school they spoke about Paris and the assassination there. My little brother is a christian like me and he took part in this diskussion. His teacher wanted that all muslims close toghetter and should go against the „IS“. Besides they all should dissociate from this assassination. However my little brother is the opinion, that it isn’t the right way to handle this in this way as his teacher want’s. After that his teacher began to attack him in a extremly way. He told my brother, that he would just „prate“ without an own opinion and that he would just speak this what the politician tell us. And than he suggested him, that he should go to Venice „because you like it to travel“ and tell this to the father of a girl who died in Venice. Then my brother wouldn’t come back alive. He is the opinion, that it’s just good if they shoot them all and the children there.

We have now the hell in our house, because my brother is really afraid of this person. He thinks, that he’s going to give him now bad marks and treats him in a really bad way, because he is famous for this behavior. This teacher also attacks a muslim and told him, that he thinks, that in some time the muslims have the same story like the jew in the Nazi time.

What do you think about?

Was haltet ihr davon?



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