The France is mourning about Diesel~ is this acceptable?

Wednesday this week the 18th of november, the police of paris stormed an apartment. Sadly the consequence was a hail of bullets between the police and some people, which were terrorists or helper of them.

In this hail of bullets a police dog, named Diesel, lost her live. Now the whole world is discussing about the question: is it acceptable to mouring about an animal, and if, how long?

With the hashtag #JeSuisChien people manifest their mouring, whereas other people are jeering about this.

In my opinion it’s absolutly normal and acceptable mourning about an animal, because we’re all beings on the same planet. Humans aren’t better than other beings. The sad about the whole story is, that Diesel had to die because, she was involved in a war between humans.

We involve children and animals in our problems and in our wars and let them soffer. This is unaccaptable not the mourning about a being.

But I really care about your thought and hope that you will tell me, what you think about.

Love, Stella

Foto: Pixabay


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