Why I’m a Veggie

A lot of people don’t understand why I’m a vegetarian and attack me verbal. „You need meat to survive“, „but this is our tradition“ or „you used to eat meat when you were a child“. Especially in Southtyrol it’s really hard to make understand the people why you don’t eat meat. So I decidet to write it down. 

I’m a veggie because I think that in the year 2015 western people don’t need meat and fish to survive and because of that eating meat would be sensless. Animals die for nothing and become afflicted. People just eat meat for satisfaction.

I really love vegetables and grillvegetables can safe my day. In addition I think that it would have more sense living meatless for our economy and for the biological balance. An animal for slaughter needs a lot of food for which people are destroying the nature. However soya products are not good as well.

Slaughter animals are treated in a cruel way and I can not even watch the pictures of this without being totaly shocked. This also caused my desicion to not eat meat and fish (btw: I always hated fish).When I told the people I eat meat but I love animals it was for me contradiction and I felt like a hypocrite.

Even if it’s sounds really hard: in my eye’s you can not say that you love animals but eat them in the same breath. What do you think about this? Do you eat meat and fish? Why not? Why you do?



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