Facebook your comments…

As a facebook member I cannnot deny how useful is it for people. I can keep in touch with everybody worldwide. With one click you see who does what where.

But since the the issues about refugees you can see Facebook attitude against refugees always better. While they’re blocking female nipples and names which are not clear- names in their opinion because they transgress agianst the facebook rueles (I dindn’t know that female nipples are illegal), they have no problems with hate comments, and pictures of dead children or pollard people.

male nipple
by the way: if somebody want’s to upload female nipple he should follow this instruction. Thank you to make the world a safer place

The hateful comments on facebook are so brutal, that in many european countries the writer of these comments are often indicted, but on facebook these comments are okay.

Apparently holocaust denial, call for murder, fulminations, discrimination, sedition and wrong information, seem to be normal in the USA and to fall into the freedom of opinion. We could write books with all this disgusting comments.

Expample from an irish facebookgroup: http://blog.blacknight.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/irish-bigots-racists.jpg

However, fortunately there are other groups on facebook, which are fighting against them and which are publishing these horrible comments and which are showing their opinion loud.


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