The 1. little light and the crip

Today my daddy woke me up at 9.00 o’clock. For me as a late riser it was too early, but I stood up and went with him and our dog to Castelfeder. It’s a mix of a little mountain and a hill. Everybody in our village knows Castelfeder. It’s a wonderful and mystery place. We went there to take the dosh for the crip.

We met always dogs and our female dog couldn’t stop with playing with the other dogs 🙂

mit ihrem berühmten nachdenklichen Blick. „Knochen oder Kekse?? Was soll ich nur nehmen?“ ___ With her famous way to look „bones or cookies??“


At home, my mum came immediately with cartons full of crip figurines and began to make the crip. When my dad wanted do add the little jesus child to the crip, my mum took him my dad away saying: „are you crazy?? jesus is born the 24 and not today“.DSC_0121

Sometimes I really laught with my parents.

By the way: yesterday I made gingerbread with my little brother. Here the pictures:

Meanwhile the first advent began and the first light is shining on the advent wreath. Thank you Monika for your advent wreath which you give us everey year. You’re the best neighbor we have. Especially in this time I really enjoy actions with my family and I hope you too.





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