Why all this weapons?

The assassination on Paris give us all to think and for this I decidet to write about this and what I think about. I’m pleased about your opinions.

„Paris is in the war“. With this words, Hollande beginns the Congress after the attacks in Paris. After this the France decidet to fight back. After they have known the people which are the causes for these refugees, which aren’t welcome in France they decidet to bomb Syria (btw: 5000 civilists). The whole world inclusive myself is shocked about the assassination there and is expressing the condolence. I make part of all the facebook user, which dived their profilpictur in the colors of France for one, two days. But then I changed my mind.

We all know that this refugees which came to Europe were fleeing from the IS, but instead of thinking about the reasons of their flight (were also the rest of the world has fault) and to help the people saving their hometown, our countries are thinking where they could buy the cheapest and best fences of confine to keep out the „migrants“.

At the same time they make big weapon deals with countries in war and keep in touch with Arabia, even they have more or less the same way to punish people like the IS.

Vergehen und Strafe beim „Islamischen Staat“ und in Saudi- Arabien Quelle: http://dreifaltigkeit-altdorf.de/vergleich_strafen_saudi-arabien_IS.jpg (19.11.15, 20.33)

Todestrafe= death penality

It’s the oil which makes us dependent from them. We need the oil to be faster, to have our own care and for the plastic industry. If we would invest our money in renewable energies, that we have at least our capital cities car free, we could save money and invest more in glass and nature products. Fair trade, that we would invest in the other countries to stabilish their economic, which would fall back to us.

We could, we could, we could.

But we don’t do.

We could be heroes, but we aren’t (most of us).

We could be dreamer and lovers, but we aren’t.

We need the speed to reach B faster, to make carrier, we have power struggles which make us tired and decide to do this and that, knowing that we never will have the time for each other and for ourselfe.

I ask myself, why all this weapons? It’s really so hard to get away from them? Do we need the soffer of other people to be happy?

But I really DO believe, that we can make the world one day to a safer place.

You and me, we got the world in our hands (Tove Lo, „Heroes (we could be)“)



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