Human rights abuse of Norway

Five minutes ago, I saw an article of the german newspaper „Taz“. What Norway is doing is just disgusting.

„Abschiebung per Rad bei Minusgraden“ (!5257483/). It means, that Norway deports refugees to Russia- with the bicycle while it has minus temperature. The refugees have to take the north route with the bycicle, back to Russia. They don’t get clothes or something, because they have warm jackets.

I’m just shocked about this. I’ve never thought that a country like Norway would do such things. They know, that they abuse human rights, but they give nothing on it. To say it clear: they don’t give a fuck on it. They say that Russia is secure for refugees. Russia! It’s just disgusting, it’s shocking, it’s terrible- I cannot say what I feel right in this moment…Norway, what went wrong with you?

I don’t know what to say, I mean the scandinavian countries were always proud of them selve because of their strong human rights and their culture and their social way to think.

So please Sweden and Finland, don’t loose your heart, we all need it!



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