„Game on“~ how can people being so respectless to other beings?

Kendall Jones is a young and very beautiful woman. She is from Texas a student and a cheerleader and she is famous- for killing animals. 

While organisations like „WWF“, „PETA“ and others, are trying to protect wild animals, because they are threatened with extinction, Kendall Jones gives, sorry if I say this in that way, a fuck on this. She „hunts“ since she has been an eight year old girl.

I started hunting when I was just 8 years old and have been in love ever since. At the age of 9, I accompanied my father on his Big 5 hunting trip to Africa in 2004.

Kendall is killing all sort of animals because she is in love with this. To excuse her hobby, she argues with the donation of the meat of the killed animals and hopes seriosly that she can inspire little children.

I hope to inspire young children as well as the many female hunters out there to stay in the outdoors!

In the social media, the young woman is reciving compliments but also a shitstorm, but she don’t stop with killing. She has a Facebookpage (https://www.facebook.com/kendalljonesgameon/?fref=ts) , a blog (http://www.thekendalljones.com/) and a homepage (http://kendall-jones.com/). When I first heard from Kendall Jones, I thouht she would be a aggressiv woman, with problems or mental-health problems- but she isn’t. She is a young woman, which seems to had never learnt to respect other forms of beings. She boasts to do good things- however she calls her hunting: „Game on“. If somebody calls the hunting of animals „game on“, this is everything but not respectful. Is sick. Normally something is not okay with this person, or it’s just an extremly respectless person.

When I saw the pictures of how she killed the animals, I was shocked. She poses with the dead animals and laughts happy.

But the shitstorm is really heavy. Some people wish her cancer, some the death and the most, that the dead animal had kill her first.

kendall jenner christmas jones

Yes…happy chrtistmas


For this picture, is really current by the way, she got this comment of a user:

  • Hope someone hunts you down and strings you up for fun

Other comments:

  • I hope someone finds your tracks …
  • Those teeth would look better locked down on your throat 🙂 
    • Well, considering she has no great sense of life for other creatures, no respect at all.. why should any be given to her? Na,.
  • The wrong animal in this pic was shot
  • Hopefully the kitty hunts you next time you go out, mauls you to pieces and then you get left out there to rot because you don’t deserve a grave!

When she isn’t studying at the University or acts as a cheerleader, she hunts. I cannot say, what I think about her as a person, because I couldn’t take normal words. Let’s face it: it’s hard to take normal words for this person, when you have a heart. But it’s just disgusting what she is doing. She plays with the live of animals just for fun. Often dogs are with her, to hunt the animal and than she shoots.

Here some pictures (Kendall Jones/ Facebook page)

For her „game on“, she is making youtube clips from her hunting:


Kendall learnd killing when she was a child, she grew up in such a world, where animas are here to be killed for fun, but now she is an adult person. She knows what people think about her hunting and about her a person, but it’s regardless of her feeling when she takes to another creature it’s life. Her family and her friends, and sadly also a lot of her follower and facebook user support her in her doing. It’s unsettle what she is doing, and how she also involves children. I think, if you learn children to treat another being so respectless and to kill just for fun, this world will never change into positive, no matter the excuses of the young, beautiful, but stone-hearted student.




3 Gedanken zu “„Game on“~ how can people being so respectless to other beings?

      1. Denen fehlt bestimmt eine Gehirnwindung … ☺

        Es gibt eben Menschen, die das können. Etliche ja auch von Berufs wegen. Aber eben nur um des Tötens Willen ist es schon krass und auch unnötig.

        Gefällt mir

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