My family

I was two and a half when my parents adopted me. After two years fighting with the italian, chaotic bureaucracy system, they were finally allowed to finish the adoption. My parents were young, from north Italy and had good nerves that they managed this. When they came to Bombay  in my orphanage, because I’m originally from Bombay/ Mumbai, they where there for a week. Mum and dad were allowed to see me the first or second day, for five minutes. Totally nervous, my parents stood in this little, light blue room, which reminds me always of a swimming pool whenever I see the pictures. When the „sister“ came with me in this room, my mum cried and I was trying to touch them- but my dad was so afraid to hurting me, that he went a little bit away ^^. But later he showed me a book, a tour guide from India.

I was a child which always had to walk. I don’t know why, because now I’m a lazy person, who’s afraid of making some sport (my fat could be burned ^^). But at the time I liked to walk around and so suddenly, my parents were allowed to go with me for ten minutes alone outside. While I was walking, and taking everything from the ground, my parents were freaked out, that something could happen (the street was empty, just to say 🙂 ). Then they had to bring me back to my orphanage.


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