Being famous~ dream or just imagination #HUMAN; CAMERON DIAZ

Today, I saw a clip on Youtube from Cameron Diaz. A lot of people know who is Cameron Diaz. She is cool, she is clever, she is hot. And she is fame. But here she speaks about something, which is probably more important than we think.


Who did not dream at least one time from being famous. Being richt, being more beautiful then he/ she is. Being strong, being powerful, being in the center of this world.

I have to say, being famous for some days it would be really cool, it would be a little dream, I try to hidden infront of this world. But Cameron destroyed this dream, with just one question. „Why?“

Why I would like to be fame?


To be rich? No, if I am honestly, no because I don’t care about materialistic things.

To be more beautiful, because I can pay a makeup- artist? For some days, it would be cool, but I’m a person, who want’s to be alone after some days being stressed by the whole world.

To be powerful? Ok…here I have to pass…The feeling of having such a power is cool. I mean if I can make just one call, and everyone is doing what I want, yes…I have to admit. Power is a cool thing- but it can and it will probably change our character…

To be in the middle of this planet? One day, yes with a little crown ^^. But when I see the princesses and some stars and how disneylike and unreal they look and what behavior they have, than I escape- and probably I would be the same spoilt wifey like they.

So do I want to be fame anymore? Hm..sometimes, but my freedom and my privaty are too important for me and than I think, real fame comes with real work in the real place and with luck. And you have to manage it, to be famous.


4 Gedanken zu “Being famous~ dream or just imagination #HUMAN; CAMERON DIAZ

      1. Ich finde es klingt authentisch und was sie sagt eröffnet einen neuen Blick auf das Schauspieler und alle anderen „berühmten“ Tätigkeiten: Am Ende ist es auch nur ein Job!

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