Being adopted means…

I write here really subjective about what means to me, beeing adopted. I though a long time, if I should write this or not. Every adopted person is making experiences which are really personal and a lot of these experiences depends on where you live. 

…that mum, had to treat a coffé to people who usually never said hello or something

…that when you are a child (and not only), strange people asked you a lot of private things and declare you as unfriendly if you don’t answer or are afraid of them.

… always hearing from other people, that you should be grateful, that somebody adopted you..

…mobbing, when you are a child, but beeing afraid to tell the teacher something, because you know, that they are going to be angry with you.

…beeing menaced on street

…“oh..can we stay friends?“

…hearing from the father of a friend, that he wants to be honest with me. He doesn’t like Muslims… (well…I’m Catholic and if I would be Muslim? Should this than be interesting for me? I did not asked him for this..)

…hearing you parents cry, because something is happend again

…being the only person in the train, who has to show the documents

…to prefer the bed…it is warm and you are alone..

…always being connected with my original country

…double fees (not fin.)

…always being monitored in an angry, bugged, scary way

…being ignored

…being treated as appendage of the friends..

…no information advice

…german people are talking to you only italian, even you answer in german

…being less

…being confused with prostitutes, because you’re look asian

…being traumatized by austrian border patrol/police (thats why I don’t study in Innsbruck)

…being a scandalqueen, even you never were on this place at this time, where you did this..

…being always in fight

…being the funny one, because more you cannot be

…being stalked about the problems of the Muslim religion (again: I’m Catholic..)

…seing populism and hate as the first

…drowning in prejudices

…always explain, why you can german, why you have german parents and why the hell I speak german, when I live in Italy

….“do you have a nickname?“…

…being accursed to Auschwitz

…being the only person in the circle which is addressed with her first name basis

…“India? cool, I was there, and a friend, and ….“ (I don’t give a f*** if you were in India or not)

…feeling stateless

But being adopted means also

…having another background story

…being more tolerant, because you know the pain (not all)

…having more empathy, than other people

… seing faster, stronger and better behind the curtain

…being destroyed by all the bad things, which are happend to you or going forward




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