Cuisine- Styling: my visually handicapped little brother cooks high cuisine

Well, it was not easy. Always hearing that your little brother cannot do this or that. 11057401_378795792330838_6880014271804990047_nPeople are talking and talking and do not care (or see), if they hurt a child.

My brother was three, when he started with cooking.



He came, he saw, he did and he won.

My little brother is now nineteen and cooks high cuisine. He cooks the whole day. Easy things, weird things, extremly cool things, royal things, nice things.

He cooks and cooks and every time he is getting better.

I remember when his cooking teachers said: „You will never going to be a good gourmet- cook.“ „Why?“ he asked. „Because you don’t see enough“. – regardless, that he was always the best in his class.

But he didn’t stop, with cooking, with going forward and this is good! He is a very good hobby- cook and better, than so much of his teachers 😉

He has now also a website: CuisineStyle 

Visit it and his Instagram Account 😉




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