Found the private profile of a famous star, without wanting or: „When stars do not use their brain ^^“

Stars are sometimes really…hm…interesting. They are making so much money while you seriously ask you: WHY? 

Why? Because, sometimes they seem a little bit stupid.

Today, I found the private facebook profil of one of them. I do not name the person but it is a woman.

The point is: it is also one of my favourite stars. I am not a fan of many stars. Pink, Scorpions, Lorde and a few others, but a really big fan I’m just of a few. And this is one of these stars.

She postet something, with a link, and from this, I came to her private facebook profile, which I guess, is in her eyes invisible ^^

To be honest: I would like to write her, just to say: „hey, think the next time, girl- and you’re brialliant!“


So what should I do:

  • a) stalking with private love messages (just to get attention)
  • b) laughing and waiting for the next music news on television 
  • c) writing her, that her profile is not invisible how she might thinks



Because of the fact, that I cannot stalk this poor woman, I choose. b) LOL 🙂


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