World Autism Awareness Day-2.4

Today is the „World Autism Awareness Day“.

It is the day for all people, which feel and see the world in another way, we do.

Autistic people have problems in society. I can imagine, that it is sometimes hard to live as or with an autistic person, but at the same time it is special.

But what is Autism? 

I would like to give you a brief answer to the main points of this syndrom.

First of all, a little definition: Autism is a complex, neurological developmental disorder. It is also a disorder of the converting of perception which has consequences on the social behavior of these people.

In the ICD we find it under F 84.

It is easy to see characteristics of autism and parents see it early (3 years +) in the behavior of their children with other persons, in their comunication and in stereotipical and repetitive behavior.

  • It is really hard for this people understanding social symbols and send them.
  • They have problems with imitating other or older people. This is also viewable in their way to speek.
  • They have huge problems with having a normal, fluently conversation. Their problems in getting and working out informations of the environment is therefore a big issue.
  • People with autism are sometimes really into something and are focusing them self on this. This in turn, can make problems with changing. (Environment, something in the house, a change in the channel program)


Pay attention: the Asperger- Syndrom (F84.5.) is difference. These people do not have so much problems and can develop in a better way. Some of them are famous for their intelligence. Anyway it is a kind of autism. 

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5 Gedanken zu “World Autism Awareness Day-2.4

  1. Danke liebe Sadi für die Erinnerung und diesen tollen Artikel! Wenn ich darf, würde ich ihn gerne später weiterveröffentlichen? Es ist immer wieder wichtig, auf verschiedene Erkrankungen aufmerksam zu machen, danke dass du das tust! Alles Liebe!

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. Hallo 🙂 liebend gerne, allerdings wird er vielleicht nicht immer ganz richtig geschrieben sein, weil ich in Englisch eher nur durchschnittlich bin. Danke für deine netten Worte im Übrigen! 🙂 Alles Liebe, Sadi!


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