The dog next door

In our street is a yellow, big house.

It’s the most beautiful house and at the very beginning of our street. In this house lives a family. Mum, dad, children and a dog. The perfect family. 

Every day, when I pass by the house, the dog barks extermly loud. Usually, she sits always alone outside in the garden and looks to the street.

It’s a black- white- grey dog. Size: mittle, with a beautiful long muzzle. A picture of a dog.

The members of the family describe the she- dog as aggressive animal and complain about her behavior. Everytime, when I speak with one of the children about our dogs, she compliments me for the behavior of my dog. „Such a good dog. If my was so good“. But her dog is good and by the way: my dog does what she want and is like a cat.

The dog sits alone outside, chained and sad. When the members come home, she does not even wag with the tail. She just looks to the street and barks when someone comes.

It’s a sad scene, which I see everyday and I don’t know, what I should do. How to react in a adequate way.

The family loves the dog. This is clear, but they are not able to educate her and to give her this time and love, she needs.

What should I do? What would you say? and what would you do?



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