Adrenaline when photographing…

When I went with all these protesters to the Brenner Border, which is between Austria and Italy, I got something like a weak adrenaline kick. 

Short about the Brenner Border. The Brenner border is the border, which has to be crossed by refugees to go in the north of Europe.

I decidet to take pictures of the demonsration and noticed something strange.

Usually when a crowd comes together to act in a collective, a strange kind of energy is touching the crowd. Let’s take a concert for example. Imagine you are on a concert of a singer you really like. Imagine you are on a scorpions concert. People there will sing together, will move in the same direction and also strange people will sing (act) together. Maybe is this, because they have the same aim.

The same story is with the protest.

People are screaming and singing, they are angry and happy and everything in between. And I wanted to be just there to take pictures, but I witnessed, that I was not able to stay objective and to take this pictures. No. My body was flooded by this „energy“ or whatever it was. I felt hundres of feelings in a second and I was not able anymore to take the pictures of „all“ parts.

When I came home I noticed that more or less all pictures are a product of my adrenaline or what it was.


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