Wenn vier Polizisten zum Ausziehen zwingen, weil zu wenig Haut…

… sind sie dann unsere rechtschaffenen Freunde und Helfer oder treten sie ziemlich sadistisch die Menschenwürde mit Füßen? Weiterlesen Wenn vier Polizisten zum Ausziehen zwingen, weil zu wenig Haut…


Adrenaline when photographing…

When I went with all these protesters to the Brenner Border, which is between Austria and Italy, I got something like a weak adrenaline kick.  Weiterlesen Adrenaline when photographing…

An interesting video: „Wishing Up the wrong Tree | Peo Hansen | TEDxNorrköping“

This is a video I found on Youtube about the refugee policy and the rule of Marocco and Lybia for the EU. Hansen’s speech seems very well- made to me and made some things a little bit clearer to me. Tell me, what do you think about his speech?  Advertisements


fading friendships

Do you know Charles Hanson’s poem about Jim?

It’s one of the best poems I’ve ever heard. It’s just amazing and sad at the same moment and it’s about a friendship which faded because of life. Every time when I hear it I start to sobbing, because it’s something, which I could have written… Weiterlesen fading friendships


Lenormandkarten 14 von 36~ Der Fuchs

Nr. 14

Name: Der Fuchs Weiterlesen Lenormandkarten 14 von 36~ Der Fuchs


The dog next door

In our street is a yellow, big house.

It’s the most beautiful house and at the very beginning of our street. In this house lives a family. Mum, dad, children and a dog. The perfect family.  Weiterlesen The dog next door


World Autism Awareness Day-2.4

Today is the „World Autism Awareness Day“. Weiterlesen World Autism Awareness Day-2.4