I am

Hello, it’s me, the writer. 

My name is not Astra, neither Stella, but I love the stars and I thought, that this is going to be my blogname.

Why I love the stars?

  • Well, I’m piesces…
  • And I’m a dreamer…

When I look up to the night sky, seeing all these sparkling stars, I forget all the things in my mind. Everything which bounds me and makes sleepless nights, is flowing off me and I feel completly free.

I’m a student. And a writer. No, I’m just a hobby- writer. I write in german and in english, and sometimes in italian. Usually I do not make translations of my blog articles, but sometimes I do.

About what I write.

Well, about everything I feel to write. I’m not a person who wants to be nailed on one issue, I’m a person, who writes about everything and everyone. I like to write satire, of humanity and of spiritual things, so these are my three main topics. But it is not everything, it would not be me, if I would write just about three topics. The world is full of shades, there is not just black and white or this issue or the other issue. There is more.

Summary of „About what I write“: I write about everything.

My favourite food is unhealthy but vegan (if you know how to prepare),

  • hot chocolate
  • pizza
  • popcorn (salted NO sugared)

my favourite animal is barking the whole f****** day and drives me sometimes crazy with this noise she makes

  • badum-ts: my dog 😀

and my favourite music is not the favourite music of my parents. 😉

For example… lalalalalalalaaaa…

  • scorpions
  • tove lo
  • pink (my teenage- years- feeling- saver –> can I say this in english?)
  • and a lot more

my favourite movie is changing every second,

  • at the moment it could be…hm… Schindlers Liste (I like this kind of movie) but tomorrow is a new day

but my favourite run is

  • „the simpsons“

my hobbies

  • writing
  • sleeping
  • friends
  • beeing a pain in my little brothers neck (I’m nasty)
  • beeing upset about stupid facebook comments (^^)

My weaknesses

  • my mood..
  • my fast judgement if I’m angry or upset
  • my extremly chaotic lifestyle (mum gave up)
  • my greenness sometimes
  • my logical stupidity
  • my lack of discipline

my wish?

Hm… I don’t know…

  • peace for this planet (we are living in 2016…)
  • equality and equity for every person and every animal
  • that people are thinking with their hearts and not with their earnings
  • an unicorn 😀
  • a swimming pool, just to boast with something 😉 , no just kidding.
  • a lot of beautiful dreams
  • many nights under the night sky

So, have fun 🙂

Do you have a question or a suggestion you want tell me? Some nice words?


Header from pixabay (btw: my life- saver ^^)